How To Easily Download Movies with Torrents

  • In order to download movies via torrents, you will need a torrent application to download your movies with. You can download and install uTorrent which is a free torrent client and one of the most used torrent application worldwide.
  • Go to any page on Torrent Movie Download and click on any movie you wish to download.
  • Click the “Get Torrent” link button next to the desired quality you wish to watch your movie in.
  • After clicking the “Get Torrent” link to download the movie, click “Open uTorrent” when the browser prompts it.

    If you do not see this screen, open uTorrent from your taskbar and use a different browser and repeat the previous step.

  • You will see your movie downloading in the uTorrent window. Once it shows your movie as “Seeding”, your movie has finished downloading. Right click on the movie and click “Stop”. This would close your connection to the torrent so that you can see your movie.
  • Right click on the movie again and click “open containing folder” and you will see your movie.
  • Use any media player such as Windows Media Player or VLC Player. VLC player can be downloaded here.
  • Enjoy downloading your movie in HD Quality.